The Kante Effect 💪🏿

N’golo Kante is a world class player, there is no doubt about it. The french man was part of Leicester’s dream team not only that but he was a key player. His hard work ethic lead to Chelsea buying the midfielder at the beginning of the 2016/17 season for a figure of £32 million. This figure looks pretty cheap bearing in mind that Paul pogba set Manchester United back £89.3 million. Sir Alex Ferguson said he felt “N’Golo Kante is by far the best player in the Premier League this season”.
” 70% of earth is covered by water and the rest is covered by N’goal Kante” – Everyone
The midfielder joined Leicester for  £5.6 million in 201. In the EPL  he has made 99 appearances and has only lost 15 games with 65 wins. Kante has also been called up for international duty and has made 22 appearances for his home nation.
‘We [Chelsea]  have to defend, because the manager wants that.’  “I don’t defend now, because N’Golo is there”.‘If we have to do a marathon – he will win for sure. He can run 10 hours. I can run 10 metres, then I’m tired.’  – Eden Hazard 
Kante is the hardworking middle man that can improve any team no matter the quality of players around him, his defensive mind has lead to an incredible 68% tackle success rate  in the EPL with completing 398 tackles so far. During his first spell with Chelsea he became the first player in history to win the Premier league in 2 consecutive seasons with different clubs, is this the Kante affect?
The Blues number 7 also won 2 awards last  season by being named Player of the Year by both the Professional Footballers Association and also the Football Writers’ Association, beating team mates such as Eden Hazard and Willian for the title. Every football fan has fallen in love with the hard working player.
‘The best midfielder in the world’ – Frank Lampard 
There is no question Kante’s participation in making both Leicester City’s and Chelsea’s champions, his work ethic is one that should be admired from all current players.



Is Kante 💪🏿 The Best Midfielder in The EPL 🇬🇧

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